Polygamy is the source of most of the world’s problems


Tribalistic polygamy in all it’s many forms, and it’s inherent elitist exploitation of the young and vulnerable, is the source of most of the world’s woes, including international terrorism, gang warfare, street violence and even global poverty. Generations of catastrophic fathering – and/or lack of fathering – has resulted in our current fractured and dysfunctional world.

History has proven that cultures that practice exceptionalist monogamy – such as the Roman Empire, Europe during the Reformation, Elizabethan England, and America during World Wars I and II – achieve far more than cultures that have been undermined by forms of tribalistic polygamy.

Examples of Thriving Cultures

China and India are two of the most successful cultures in the world today in terms of economic growth and improving the quality of life for their citizens. It’s no accident that both nations have long practiced power monogamy.  People there must marry for life. There’s no such things like divorce and infidelity is not tolerated.

In the ancient world, the original Israelites as described in the Old Testament exemplified the benefits of monogamy. Even though they were persecuted for centuries by everyone from the Egyptians to the Nazis, Jewish culture has continued to thrive to this day.
Christianity started valuing the power of monogamy, and the religion is widely credited with spreading monogamy and it’s inherent values of hard work, lifelong commitment to children, and self-discipline to cultures throughout the world.

What Happened?

Somewhere along the way, humanity lost its way. People began to be obsessed with sex as entertainment. As a result of this weakening of the collective will, monogamy and its benefits of peace, prosperity and a positive work ethic has been dismissed as a minor social phenomenon at best, or a passing fad at worst.
Need proof that this shift towards polygamy is undermining our essential humanness?

Just as the entire polygamous world embraced slavery in the past, some polygamous cultures are still engaging in human slavery in the 21st Century.

A Crisis in Fathering

In the wake of the rise of polygamy and the corresponding fall of monogamy as a legitimate way of life, there has been a catastrophic crisis in fathering. Without the values of fathering, the result is violence, lost prosperity, and poverty. And the ultimate result of a catastrophic crisis in fathering is the rise of modern terrorism.

Violence Causes Poverty

There are many who believe that violence is a result of poverty. But in reality, broken fathering is the cause of both violence and poverty. Gang warfare and violence in our streets is the result of the erosion of the father as a role model. Without this type of guidance, people can’t make the right decisions for themselves – and, as an extension, for their culture – and the result is a breakdown in peace, prosperity and growth as a culture.

Monogamy is the One and Only Answer

What the world needs today is the power and prosperity and peace of monogamy. By putting value on having one faithful spouse for life, our children can rise above the current state of violent dysfunction and embrace the underlying values that originally made our culture the strongest, most successful and most powerful society that ever existed in human history.


Police are not the problem. The scourge of tribalistic polygamy is the problem.

Police are not the problem: Blame shift alert

Loud whine bottle alert:

loud whineeeeeee

Time for the crybabies to sober up and take responsibility of exceptionalism.

Terrorist grooming operation in Baltimore today.  Demonstrators held signs with police hating and blaming slogans.  They filled two city blocks and marched 2 miles to City Hall, where the crowd overtook the grassy plaza adjacent from the building.

Surprise, surprise, soon the protests turned violent, with car windows smashed, and businesses attacked.


Minority males need power monogamy exceptionalist fathering from birth to 25 years to get them past the critical years of violence

If 95% of all violence is committed by minority males between 15 and 25, it’s time to stop blame shifting and face up to the real problem.

(Blame shifting is a time honored tool of all demagogues)

Demagogues stir troubled minorities to vacant eyed violence, while the demagogues sit behind the scenes in safety.  The police are not the problem, catastrophic broken fathering of tribalistic polygamy is the problem.  Power monogamy exceptionalist fathers needed.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: a male minority between the ages of 15 and 25.  The direct result of catastrophic fathering up the ladder of leadership.

Why violence creates poverty, not the other way around.  Businesses will flee violent areas.

Blaming the police for self created problems in US

Baltimore BS is highly organized by demagogues who seek power and absolute control over their lizard brain thugs